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Attendance Update 13.9.2019

Attendance Update   Our School Target is 97%   This week our attendance was: 97.7% Our attendance this year so far is: 97.53 % The winners this week are…   First Place:             Team Sycamore with 99.2% Second Place:        Team Oak with 99.17% Third Place:     ...
Posted On 19 Sep 2019

Attendance Matters

Each week we look at the attendance both individually and as a school as a whole. Then each term we look to see whose attendance has improved and who may be needs a little support. We have a statutory responsibility to let you know if your child’s attendance falls below 90% and...
Posted On 19 Sep 2019

Same or Different 13.9.19

This week we have started work on our whole school theme of ‘There’s no place like home’. All the classes have been looking at this in a way that is relevant to their year group and over the coming weeks we are looking forward to sharing our learning. In assembly we agreed that...
Posted On 19 Sep 2019