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Subject Specific Curriculum Intent

  • Art Intent

    At Lakeside, art forms an important part in the curriculum, developing children’s creativity and enabling them to express their individuality. Through learning key artistic skills, children are encouraged to create their own artworks and craft and design projects, whilst developing an appreciation of important artists and their work. Children work with a wide variety of media, equipment and materials in 2D and 3D work, experimenting with a progressive range of skills before producing a finished piece. Sketch books are used to show the development of an art project and children are encouraged to reflect upon and evaluate their work at each stage in order to recognise their achievements and make improvements.

    Our artwork is closely linked with other areas in our creative curriculum with children making models of their literacy work, painting historical portraits, making artefacts and developing mathematical patterns to name a few curricular links. We believe in giving children opportunities to experiment with and develop a wide range of artistic skills, enabling them to express the world around them with confidence.

  • Computing Intent

    At Lakeside Primary Academy, we aim to prepare our children for their future by giving them the opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills that will equip them for an ever changing digital world. Knowledge and understanding in computing is of increasing importance for our children’s future. Our computing curriculum focuses on a progression of skills in digital literacy, computer science and information technology to ensure that children become competent in safely using, as well as understanding, technology. Our intention is that computing also supports children’s creativity and cross curricular learning to engage children and enrich their experiences in school.

  • Design and Technology Intent

    At Lakeside Primary Academy, design and technology is an inspiring and practical subject that is taught in all year groups through topics and throughout the year. Topics include opportunities to look at food technology, making and cooking sweet and savoury dishes and links to healthy lifestyles. We encourage children to use their creativity and imaginations to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems linked to their topics where suitable, gaining the skills and confidence to use a wide range of tools safely and competently. Children evaluate their own designs and those of others in order to adapt, change and modify their practical work as part of the design and make process. Children look at influential designs and designers and their impact on our modern world.

  • Forest School Intent

    At Lakeside our children have regular opportunities to explore, appreciate and learn about the natural world through our Forest School and our extensive outdoor environment. Children learn by taking part in activities that may involve an element of managed risk; by succeeding here, they develop the self-esteem and confidence that will support them throughout their lives.

    At Lakeside we aim to provide a nurturing space that supports our children’s wellbeing by providing and implementing positive outdoor, child-led experiences in a natural setting. The outdoor environment develops resilience, confidence, independence, motivation, co-operation, decision-making and social skills.

    The Forest School environment provides a safe place to practice these skills. It appeals to children who enjoy and are able to learn more successfully in a less formal environment. Giving all children the opportunity to excel and achieve their full potential.

    Lakeside children are supported in their love of nature and the importance of showing respect for the environment.

  • Geography Intent

    At Lakeside Primary Academy, we aim for a high quality geography curriculum which should inspire in pupils a curiosity, fascination and appreciation for the world we inhabit and its people. We aim to provide children with an understanding of their relationship with the world around them and a love and responsibility for the natural world.

    Our teaching equips pupils with knowledge about places and people; resources in different environments; physical and human processes; formation and use of landscapes. We also encourage children to develop geographical skills: collecting and analysing data; using maps, globes, aerial photographs and digital mapping to name and identify countries, continents and oceans; and communicating information in a variety of ways.

    We use a cross-curricular approach to the teaching of geography and we want children to enjoy and love learning by gaining knowledge and skills not just through experiences in the classroom, but also by venturing out and experiencing the world around them and completing fieldwork activities. We are committed to providing children with opportunities to investigate and make enquiries about their local area so that they can develop a real sense of who they are and their heritage.

  • History Intent

    At Lakeside our History curriculum provides the opportunity to learn about a range of interesting topics from local, to British and history in the wider world, fulfilling the requirement of the National Curriculum. We aim for it to be engaging, to arouse curiosity in all of our children enthusing them to want to understand more about the past.

    Our children will develop their historical skills and knowledge through enquiring, analysing and evaluating evidence, critical thinking, questioning what they are told and developing their own judgements.

    Learning will primarily occur in the classroom but with the added benefits of educational visits and visitors coming into school to make history come alive. We want our children to be inquisitive,we want them to be eager to learn.

    Not only will learning be evident in their history topic but also in other areas of the curriculum, namely Literacy, Art, RE and ICT. Studying History will increase our children’s cultural awareness and moral understanding of the world they live in. A good understanding of their past will in turn help children to understand their present.

  • Modern Foreign Languages Intent

    At Lakeside Primary Academy, we pride ourselves in being a multicultural school, where learning about different countries and cultures will help pupils to prepare for life in a multicultural world. We aim to engage and inspire children to have a love of learning about the world.

    Our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum explores learning language skills with a focus on French. In Early Years and Key Stage 1, French is introduced through songs and games to engage pupils’ interest in French and its culture. In Key Stage 2, French is taught once a week with the aim to well equipe pupils with the skills that they will need for Secondary Education. Constructing sentences and building on prior learning to give them a greater understanding of how to apply the language independently.

  • Music Intent

    All children at Lakeside Primary Academy are given the chance to shine. Music lessons are fun, varied, engaging and inspiring with a wide range of musical opportunities and experiences that appeal to children of all abilities and levels of confidence. Our school virtues play an important role in nurturing and developing musicianship at Lakeside.

    We aim to ignite a passion for music, to develop children’s self-confidence and sense of achievement as our musicians become more skilled in areas such as listening, evaluating and performing. Recognising talents that are carefully developed and celebrated.

    We offer a range of musical opportunities including whole class violin lessons, one to one vocal tuition and small group flute, keyboard, drum and guitar lessons with external specialist musicians. There are opportunities to join a band, a choir or an after school club and weekly singing sessions are enjoyed by children in both Key Stages.

  • Physical Education Intent

    At Lakeside, we aim to provide a PE curriculum that pupils from Reception to Year 6 not only enjoy but also allows them to experience a range of activities that help them to develop their health, fitness and wellbeing. With a tailored, exciting and inclusive PE curriculum we aim to inspire and enthuse all pupils and staff into a love of sport and physical activity. We endeavour to create many opportunities for competitive sport within and out of school with a primary focus on striving to better our own goals and targets. Our school virtues of respect, resilience and self-belief are at the forefront of every PE lesson and are key values that are delivered through competitive sport.

    We intend that every child leaves our school with the competence, knowledge and understanding of how to lead healthy, active lifestyles and they are intrinsically motivated to continue to make good choices with regards to their health and physical activity throughout their lives.

    ‘Sports do not build character…They reveal it.’

  • Personal, Social, Health, Education Intent

    It is our intent at Lakeside that children become healthy, independent and responsible members of society. Through PSHE, it aims to help them understand how they are developing personally and socially, and tackles many of the moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up. We provide our children with opportunities for them to learn about rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a member of a diverse society.

    Our children are encouraged to develop their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community. We believe that PSHE is an integral part of primary education and as well as using a cross-curricular approach to the development of PSHE, we believe it needs to be taught at least weekly as well.

    We take great care in our approaches towards pupil wellbeing in school and place importance on children sharing concerns through emotional check-ins. PSHE is also an important part of school assemblies where children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural curiosity is stimulated, challenged and nurtured.

  • Religious Education Intent

    Here, at Lakeside Primary Academy, the aim of Religious Education is to help children to acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other principal religions represented in Great Britain; to appreciate the way that religious beliefs shape life and our behaviour, develop the ability to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues and enhance their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

    Religious Education is taught throughout the school in such a way as to reflect the overall aims, values, and philosophy of the school. At Lakeside Primary Academy, Religious Education plays an important role, along with all other curriculum areas, particularly PSHCE, in promoting the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development of our children.

    We follow the City of York Religious education syllabus and we want children to be able to think about the big questions in life and religion. We foster close links with the local church and YOYO trust to deepen Children’s knowledge and understanding.

  • Science Intent

    Science at Lakeside equips children with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand the world around them through scientific investigation.

    Science is taught weekly and, where possible, is part of a cross-curricular topic. It is taught in an engaging, hands-on way so that children are inspired to find out things for themselves, ask questions and be active learners.

    Most importantly, Science is fun!