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Attendance Matters

Each week we look at the attendance both individually and as a school as a whole. Then each term we look to see whose attendance has improved and who may be needs a little support. We have a statutory responsibility to let you know if your child’s attendance falls below 90% and whilst you may be surprised to receive a letter it is important that we work together to ensure your child is able to attend school. Our website shows important information and advice about attendance as well as the following table which explains what is good attendance.

Whilst we appreciate that children can be genuinely ill, and that when this is the case the best place for them is at home resting, sometimes children are not in school for a variety of reasons that are not genuine illness and we need to minimise these. We are currently acknowledging classes that have improved attendance from one week to the next.

This is displayed on the attendance display in the hall and for every 5 silver stars the class will receive a golden ticket which will give them 10 minutes extra break time credit. We are also going to give a golden ticket to any classes that achieve 100%. This can be used when the class wants to or be added to another credit for a longer break time. Please let’s really work together to improve our attendance this year.


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