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Different Perspectives!

Walking around school this week I have been delighted to see the children’s learning especially when thinking about looking at ideas from different perspectives.

On Monday we started by listening to poems read by Joseph Coelho, Michael Rosen, Rachel Rooney, Karl Nova and Victoria Adukwei-Bulley to celebrate National Poetry Day on 3rd October 2019. The theme this year was Truth. We explored that we have lots of different understandings of what truth can mean, and this is because truth is a complex idea. It can be more difficult now to know what it true, and what is not true. There is so much information, and as we grow up, we must learn to become critical. We need to look for proof, and need to not just believe things because we are told to do so.

In Key stage 1 the children have been enjoying the story of ‘Owl Babies’. After reading the story we ‘hot seated’ some of the characters in the story to find out how they were feeling and what their view was on the situation. Evie (Bill owl) told us “he was scared to be left in the forest because he was only two and wanted his Mummy”. Talia (Mummy owl) told us “she was just getting food and that really it was their morning at night time”.


The children were amazing at putting themselves in the roles of the characters and answering from their perspective.

In Years 4 and 5 the children have been exploring the poetry of Brian Bilston specifically his poem called ‘Refugees’. This poem can be read both forwards and backwards to give two very different perspectives and the children have explored what that means to them. Using Flipgrid the children then recorded their performance of the poetry.

Sometimes we just need to stand back, listen and think about different perspectives before we express our opinion.

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