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Government Documentation and Guidance for Schools and Parents

The Government was clear when the country moved into lockdown that schools were to provide emergency provision for children of key front line workers using the phrasing ‘If you can stay at home you should.’

We at school have gone above and beyond that, with extensive home learning support for all our pupils, regular contact with children and families to keep safety and safeguarding an absolute high priority alongside providing wellbeing and support to those who have needed it to the best of our ability.

We have appreciated every bit of parent, carer and family support in grasping these opportunities and thank you all very much indeed.

We are now being asked to prepare for a change in provision, that could potentially begin on Monday 1st June. 

We are being asked to provide a provision to allow parents of identified groups of pupils to get back to work whilst minimising risk as much as is humanly possible, to our pupils, staff and community.

As you can imagine this is no mean task.

At Lakeside Primary Academy, we will be following the Government guidance as best as we can in order to achieve the above.  We must bear in mind the size of our school, the size of our community and in no uncertain terms the size of the risk to the health and safety of our pupils, staff and all their families and the families of the community we serve. 

The purpose of this page is to share pertinent Government guidance as we receive it.

This will help our whole school community keep abreast of the changes to the guidance we receive, maintaining an open and transparent approach for all.

We believe this is very important as we delicately plan each step of the journey.

The variation and adaptations in guidance updates at present are happening almost on a daily basis and we have already been alerted to the fact that there is more to come, especially around Early Years settings. 

We hope you find it useful.

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May 12th

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