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Lakeside is proud to announce the Eco Warriors. The group made up of children from each class have been tasked to ensure that Lakeside is as Eco Friendly as possible.

Hello we are the Eco Warriors. In our team we have Harrison, Isabella, Alisha, Hope, Harry, Eryn, Summer and Matilda. At Lakeside we aim to help everyone think about the environment and look at actions that will improve our world for example encouraging people to put things in the bin. We also have an aim of getting bronze, silver and gold awards then we get our Eco flag.

Last week we spoke to the whole school about our new Eco Code. We explained what we wanted to do to support the whole school to be as Eco Friendly as possible.

Our second job was to complete an environmental review of our school by answering lots of questions to say if we did them or not. By completing the review it allowed us to see what we needed to do and this will go on our action plan. With Mrs Hill we are deciding what we want to work on first.

We know that in March we will take part in Waste Week and we will tell you more about this later.




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