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Behaviours for Learning and Behaviour Code

Dear Parents / Carers,


Welcome back after what I hope was a good week’s holiday and a much needed chance to recharge batteries.

Last term I talked about how we were developing our Behaviours for Learning and our Behaviour Code.

Behaviours for Learning

I shared the Virtues that we would want a pupil of Lakeside Primary Academy to embody, that of Respect, Self Belief and Resilience. As a school we also developed Common Language that all staff and children are expected to use, respond to and understand.

The common language is,

A Hand Up: Signal to indicate silence and attention is required.

Ready to learn : Children focus attention on the speaker and are engaged in their learning.

Empty Hands : Nothing is in a child’s hand and they focus attention on the speaker.

We have also discussed with the children strategies that will help them learn and have agreed the following.

To look and listen to whoever is talking

To have Positive Attitudes to Learning and to keep trying

To speak in full sentences when explaining ideas.

Behaviour Code – click here to view

We have a new behaviour poster in school that all the adults and children are using. It is very clear and uses the language of Wow, ​ ​Good – Everyday, ​ ​Wobbly​, Unacceptable  which describes the behaviour. Each class has a copy of the poster as well as it being displayed around school.

We have looked at the behaviours both in assembly and in class and we will continue to reinforce throughout the year. It is important that the children have a voice and that they feel that instances are dealt with fairly. With this in mind here is what some of the class community have said about the new poster.

“I like the new chart because it has a WOW and because you get postcards for being really good”

“If you get onto a Red then the teachers help the children who are on Red sort things out and they will have to have thinking time and do some work.”

“I got on WOW for doing something special it made me feel good”

“We all start on green and during the day we move, mostly to WOW or Wobbly”.

The behaviour poster helps children and adults to understand the schools expectations, ensures fairness and encourages WOW behaviour. All children start every day on Good – Everyday (Green). We are constantly catching children being good and celebrate WOW behaviour. The word Wobbly is used to help children understand when they need to change a behaviour and get back to Good – Everyday. Children understand that if they get onto Unacceptable (Red) There will be a consequence and parents / carers are informed. I have attached a copy of the poster for your information.

It is important that we all work together to ensure the children see good role models, develop good behaviours for learning and understand the need for an agreed behaviour code and learn within it.

Yours faithfully,


Helen Hayes-Smith

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