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Flute Lessons for KS2

18th November 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

We are very lucky at Lakeside to be able to offer our children high quality music tuition. 

They all experience violin lessons during year 5 as part of the York Music Hub Wider Opportunities Programme. 

Other opportunities currently offered in school are:

  • Singing lessons 
  • Rock & Pops tuition. 


Mrs McCartney, Ebor Academy Trust’s Specialist and Music Curriculum Lead, has contacted Tim Farnhill, an experienced and highly sought after flute and keyboard/piano teacher. We are discussing the possibility of introducing group flute lessons in Spring 2020 to Lakeside Primary Academy. 


We hope to offer flute lessons for KS2 children at Lakeside from January 2020. We are aware that buying an instrument is expensive so we have attached details of rental schemes overleaf. Mrs McCartney is also researching rent to buy schemes from a local musical instrument retailer. It’s also worth checking if relatives have a flute at home safely stored from their school days!


If you would be interested in group flute lessons in the Spring Term please complete the form below to add your name to the waiting list.

Flute lessons cost £8.95 per 30 minute group lesson. 


Mrs Pullan, Music Coordinator

Mrs McCartney, Music Teacher



Name of child:


Class & Year Group:


I am interested in learning to play the flute in group lessons at Lakeside Primary Academy.


I understand I must rent a flute / provide a flute for my child lessons.


Please add my child’s name to the flute lesson waiting list. 


Name of Parent/Carer:




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