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We need your help!

11th July 2018


Dear Parents

We really need your help!

As the end of term approaches we have been disappointed to see that the facilities around school are being treated with disrespect. The toilets at both ends of the school, both girls and boys, have been misused, making them unfit for use for the remainder of the day. As you will appreciate, in a week where we have been showing our new starters around our school and asking them to use the facilities we have been shocked by this inappropriate and unhygienic behaviour.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter but do feel obliged to let you know and  would appreciate your support in talking to the children about what is going on and why the toilets have not been able to be used on a number of occasions.

Of course, we will be talking to the children in school about this over the next day in assemblies and sessions.

As far as is possible, all children will be asked to go the toilets at breaktimes and lunchtimes when adults are around to supervise them. Teachers will obviously use their discretion at other times, to ensure that any child needing the toilet will be able to do so.

We appreciate your support in this matter.

Yours sincerely


Mr Crabtree

Acting Headteacher

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