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Changes to School Admission Code of Practice 2021

In 2020 the government consulted on changes to the statutory School Admissions Code.  The new Code and associated regulations, subject to parliamentary procedure, came into force on 1st  September 2021.

The new Code can be seen at

The main purpose of these changes is to improve support for the in-year admission of vulnerable children. The changes include introducing more detail on the process for managing in-year admissions; changes to improve the effectiveness of Fair Access Protocols; giving children adopted from state care outside of England equal admissions priority as children who were previously looked after in England; and clarification of which address to use for the admission of service or crown servant children.

All Admission Authorities must comply with the Code.

Challenging Behaviour

All schools are normally expected to offer a school place if there is availability.  The Code makes provision at Paragraph 3.10 for a school to refuse such an application on the grounds that the year group is challenging and the child has challenging behaviour.  This provision was in the original code.  The new Code provides further explanation of what can be classed as “challenging” behaviour” The new code provides the following definition of “Challenging Behaviour”

“For the purposes of this Code, behaviour can be described as challenging where it would be unlikely to be responsive to the usual range of interventions to help prevent and address pupil misbehaviour or it is of such severity, frequency, or duration that it is beyond the normal range that schools can tolerate. We would expect this behaviour to significantly interfere with the pupil’s/other pupils’ education or jeopardise the right of staff and pupils to a safe and orderly environment”

In-Year Admissions

Ebor Academy Trust participates in the Local Authority’s Co-ordinated Admission Scheme for in-year admissions. If parents/carers wish to apply for a school place, applications can be made at via the ParentPortal. The Local Authority will confirm the outcome of the application in writing within 15 school days.  If the application is refused, the Local Authority will advise on the statutory appeal procedure.  Details of the Co-ordinated Admission Scheme and how in-year applications are managed are available at “

If you require a paper copy of any of our policies please contact the school office.

Lakeside Primary Academy follows the City of York Council co-ordinated admissions procedures for Reception entry and applying for an ‘in-year’ school place. To apply for a school place please apply on line at or contact School Services on 01904 551554, or City of York Council School Services, West Offices, Stations Rise, York YO1 6GA.

Lakeside Primary Academy Published Admissions Number (PAN) is 45

York local authority is running an Admission Consultation for admissions in 2024 – 2025 .

This year’s Admissions Consultation is being jointly held by Ebor Academy Trust and the City of York Local Authority between 3rd October and 13th November 2022.  The consultation includes the admission policies and planned number of places available at each school in the year(s) of entry.

All documents can be found in their draft (pre-determined) form at during the consultation period. 

Parents and carers who wish to comment on the consultation are invited to go to and complete the parents, carers and public survey online. Ebor Academy Trust are mirroring the local authority policy. However, we are changing the Published Admissions Limit (PAN) at Lakeside Primary Academy from 45 to 30 pupils to be admitted into reception in September 2024. 

Following the consultation, we will formally set (‘determine’) our admission arrangements for admission in 2024 – 2025 by 28 February 2023.  Determined policies will be on the City of York Council website by 15 March 2023. 

All documents can be found in their draft (pre-determined) form at 

Determined policies for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 can be found at

Ebor Academy Trust Admissions Policy for Reception places in 2024 can be found below.

Ebor Academy Trust York Schools Admissions Policy 2024-25

If you require a paper copy of any document, you can request this from or 01904 551554.