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At Lakeside we are committed to improving the attendance and punctuality of our children. It is only through maintaining a good level of attendance and punctuality that children can make the most of their opportunities at school. All children’s attendance is closely monitored and excellent attendance is rewarded through the giving of certificates. If we have concerns about a child’s attendance we will contact parents to offer support in how this can be improved.

Please click here for Lakeside’s Attendance Leaflet for Parents, giving guidance on attendance and punctuality.

What is good attendance?

There are 175 non- school days a year for enjoying family time, holidays, trips, visits, shopping, seeing friends, travelling and getting regular dental and optician checks.

190 Days of education

184 days of education 180 days of education 175 days of education 171 days of education 161 days of education

100% attendance

97% attendance 95% attendance 92% attendance 90% attendance

85% attendance

No absences

6 days absence per year 10 days absence per year 15 days absence per year 19 days absence per year

29 days absence per year





Absence may well be affecting attainment, progress and wellbeing.

Children will find it extremely difficult to keep up and achieve their best.


Lakeside Primary Academy Three Year School Attendance Figures

Academic Year




95.6 % 95.4 %


96.3 %

95.3 %

2017-2018 96.1 %

95.8 %

2018-2019 Target: 97%



Lakeside’s Attendance Policy is available by clicking here.