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At Lakeside Primary Academy we are proud to: 

To make a difference every day.

Our Vision

At Lakeside Primary Academy, children come first and our priority is to deliver high quality teaching and learning whilst at the same time providing rich and truly enjoyable learning experiences for our community of children.  Everything we do as a school is to ensure that the children achieve their very best. We are deeply aware that children only get one chance at their primary education and it is our job to ensure that they all reach for the highest levels of personal achievement and development.

We want every child to be successful; to reach for success from the very first day they join us and throughout their school lives so that when they leave us, they have a love of learning for the rest of their lives.

Our strong community is built on the foundations of respect, self belief and resilience. 

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are very important to our school life and are central to our ethos and learning at Lakeside Primary Academy.  They are lived everyday of our school life by everyone in school. Please click on the individual values below to find out more…

  • At Lakeside, we believe that every child can and should excel to reach their full potential.




    At Lakeside we show Respect for each other and our environment


    Respectful relationships are promoted in all areas of school life and with all members of our school community. Good manners and polite, respectful behaviour is celebrated. We value kindness and friendship which is demonstrated by both children and adults. We seek to develop respect for our environment through our bespoke curriculum and planned activities. Children are encouraged to value and care for the world around them. Through Lakeside Leaders they are encouraged to take ownership of the school and help to develop a supportive community.

    Being respectful means you act in a way that shows care for how your actions may impact others. We can show respect for people, places, and things. For example:

    • Using kind or polite words even when you’re upset
    • Using manners like sharing, waiting your turn, saying please and thank you
    • Accepting difference or at least disagreeing with kind words
    • Being careful not to damage places or things
    • Using a quiet voice or calm behaviour in public places
    • Sharing resources, only taking what you really need

    At Lakeside we aim to have confidence in ourselves and belief that anything is possible.

    We believe that high self-esteem, self-confidence and happiness are central to our learning no matter who we are in school. Everyday is a new learning day and by having confidence in ourselves and our ability to do things successfully we will be able to thrive. 

    Through the school’s curriculum, we positively encourage the children to always believe in themselves, be strong, resilient and self- aware. When a child believes in themselves, they strive academically and this is the first secret to success. All staff promote and value believing in yourself.

    “You must always remember… You are Braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem and Smarter than you think. “ Christopher Robin

    • Be proud of who you are
    • Believe in yourself and say “I can do it!”
    • Try your very best at everything you do!
    • Try something new
    • Share ideas
    • Don’t let yourself give up when things go wrong
    • Have a positive mind-set

    At Lakeside we aim for everyone to have Resilience: to have the ability to cope when things go wrong.

    Resilience is the ability to understand when you are at risk of making a mistake, know what to do to seek help and learn from experience so you can continue to learn effectively in the future.

    We believe that resilience is a vitally important learning skill because it provides everyone with the ability to reflect on and learn from successes and mistakes made during previous learning opportunities without feeling negative.

    • Smile
    • Be caring to other
    • Take turns and share
    • Play with our friends if they are lonely 
    • Be polite
    • Help others
    • Use kind words and manners
    • Show good listening skills and eye contact
    • Keep trying
    • Accept that change happens all the time



We aim to give all children the best possible opportunities to grow and develop as people in their own right during their time at Lakeside Primary Academy.

We hope to achieve this through our school aims, which are at the heart of our school:

  • A school where everyone feels valued and respected.
  • A place with a warm, happy, calm, safe atmosphere where everyone enjoys learning and working together.
  • A school which has learning and teaching at the heart of everything that it does.
  • An ethos which celebrates achievement and recognises success.
  • A place which has consistently high expectations for all and where academic achievement is not the only measure of success.


Our vision and values are in line with Ebor Values.