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  • At Lakeside Primary Academy, we pride ourselves in being a multicultural school, where learning about different countries and cultures will help pupils to prepare for life in a multicultural world. We aim to engage and inspire children to have a love of learning about the world.

    Our Modern Foreign Languages curriculum explores learning language skills with a focus on French. In Early Years and Key Stage 1, French is introduced through songs and games to engage pupils’ interest in French and its culture. In Key Stage 2, French is taught once a week with the aim to well equipe pupils with the skills that they will need for Secondary Education. Constructing sentences and building on prior learning to give them a greater understanding of how to apply the language independently.

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Key Documents

Modern Foreign Languages Knowledge & Skills Progression Document

French Knowledge Organisers

Subject Specific Knowledge Organisers are used as a reference point for children, staff and parents enabling all to be clear with the key vocabulary for each area of the curriculum.

French Knowledge Organisers EYFS
French Knowledge Organisers Y1
French Knowledge Organisers Y2
French Knowledge Organisers Y3
French Knowledge Organisers Y4
French Knowledge Organisers Y5
French Knowledge Organisers Y6