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Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Part 2

The morning of our Jubilee Celebrations arrived with lots of excitement! A red, white and blue balloon arch to walk through, music playing, flags and bunting waving in the breeze, what more could we ask for?


The children and adults had gone above and beyond with their outfits and the school was a sea of red white and blue. Throughout the day there were lots of jubilee activities and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

During assembly we celebrated our achievements of the week as well as celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.



The high point of the day was the whole school getting together to share lunch as a huge street party! It was fabulous to see everyone sitting together enjoying a chat and lots of giggles. After eating we all spent time together on the field playing games. Mrs Pullan must have led the largest game of ‘Duck,Duck Goose’ ever seen at Lakeside, Mr Gunnell led the dancing with lots of support from staff and Mrs Wakeley organised the year 6’s into running a ‘Penalty Shoot Out’. We all enjoyed the very long conga that weaved its way around the field gathering up dancers as it went.

As the day came to a close we all went home happy, ready to enjoy the half term holiday.

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