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Here are some resources to help the children learn their times tables. Times tables can sometimes be overlooked. They’re one of those things that children just have to learn, but without always understanding WHY they learn them. Having a strong knowledge of multiplication and division facts can help the children with so many different concepts throughout their mathematical curriculum.

The times tables printable resources cover the following:

-Identifying patterns in the times table
-Answering multiplication and division questions
-Matching questions to answers
-Identifying facts through different representations such as bar models, number lines, repeated addition and missing number questions
-Identifying multiples of the times table
-Applying to finding fractions of a number, calculating area and knowledge of 2D shapes
-Word problems and questions using related number facts

2 x table               3 x table               4 x table               5 x table               6 x table               7 x table               8 x table               9 x table               10 x table             11 x table             12 x table


Guitar times tables             Times table quiz             Times table quiz by table             Times tables cards

Times table number searches- set 1

Here are Times Tables packs for Years 1-6 children. Feel free to print them off if you have access to a printer, or you could even load the questions up on the screen and your child could write their answers on some paper. The packs include 5 practice tests per year group, complete with answers and an assessment page for pupils and parents to see which times tables they’ve mastered and which need more work. There is also a Parent Guide for your use at home.

Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-1      Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-2      Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-3

Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-4      Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-5      Ultimate-Times-Tables-Tests-Year-6

Times Tables Pack Parent Guide

Also remember that TTRockstars is a brilliant resource for supporting children with their times table and division facts. All children have a username and password for the website which can be accessed at home. Please speak to class teachers if you need a reminder of your child’s details.

Happy times tables!