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The Mastering Number programme

The Mastering Number programme

The Mastering Number programme for Early Years and KS1 is designed to help children in embed good number sense and build confidence and fluency with number facts. These daily sessions, in addition to Maths lessons, focus on building firm foundations for Maths in KS2 and later life.



This week, we have launched the Mastering Number Parent Project in Early Years and KS1. Thank you to the children and parents who attended the sessions and we can’t wait to see how you get on with the games and activities at home over the next five weeks!













This year, we have also introduced a KS2 Mastering Number programme in Year 4 and 5. This focuses on developing automaticity in multiplication and division facts through regular practice, a building a deeper understanding of multiplication structures.

The children are really excited to keep ‘Going for Gold’ as they learn more of the Core Multiplication Facts, using songs, games and gestures.

If you do anything with your child then please share it with us on their classroom. Thank you

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